Why graphic design

Why Graphic Design

When I discovered that there was a job where you got to make something that tons of people would see, I thought why wouldn’t everyone want to do that? At the time I worked various retail jobs and went to college to work with animals because everyone told me that there are no jobs in graphic design and no one hires artists. So, I graduated with my Associates Degree and got a great job working at the best veterinary clinic in Grand Rapids. But I spent my free time looking at packing sites, and designer/artist blogs. Reading blogs only led to redesigning work brochures, creating handouts, eventually leading to social media posting, writing content and creating advertising material. Unfortunately, this was not the job I was hired for so I was only to create graphic in my spare time. But I used that time to learn how to create digital road signage and indoor screen displays. I learned video and animation through tutorials. I love animation. I also learned that I love people interaction, helping and teaching clients to take better care of their pets. I’m a people person- sort of rare in the animal world. I redesigned the role of a veterinary technician.

Anyways, I realized that in order to get information to people to help their pets: they need to read it. And they are not going to read boring computer generated handouts. Information is power. Great design can impact and improve the lives of people. Essentially, graphic design can save the world.  During the last few

During the last few years, I have been taking classes on the days I have off while working full time. It has taken nearly twice as long to get my bachelor degree than ‘traditional’ students. But that also means I’ll have been immersed in graphic design for nearly a decade by the time I graduate.  I have never taken the traditional route. I am a naturally curious person that led me astray from the traditional path, more than once. But at least I have some good stories.

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