Be brave. Go shoot something.


I have always liked taking pictures. I was the one that always had the camera. I would tell people that I was collecting memories for my future memoirs. But the truth is my pictures were never very good. Compositionally, or lighting, I just didn’t have that magic. It seemed the more I tried the more I noticed the flaws. It got to be where I was afraid of photography. I always thought there was some magical skill that I needed to be a photographer. Maybe I was afraid of bothering people to take their photo.  Maybe I was afraid of Photoshop. But what I didn’t realize is that photographers take tons of pictures to find that gem. Learning about digital photography and getting stronger in Photoshop has been a game changer for me. Maybe having a better camera helps. Maybe I don’t care anymore what people think as much. Shoot first, ask permission later. Embracing photography has changed my perception of the ordinary. Not only have I become a stronger photographer, I feel more confident in choosing stock photography, which will make me a stronger designer.

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